March 2, 2013 by Admin

Using A Microwave Cart To Sass Up A House Party

partycartI have recently gotten into the habit of inviting my friends over at my house these past couple of months to simply have a get-together and catch up. The recent Work Life (I still can’t believe that now!) has snapped up most of them from the usual haunts we had in college, and since we all lived in the same neighborhood, I thought, why not just in my house, which is far easier to access than downtown.

I’d like to think that one of the reasons why they keep coming back is because, well, other than the charming host (teehee), is because of my mobile mini cocktail bar I made out of the microwave cart in the kitchen. It was the type with casters and an enclosed space in the top shelf where normally a microwave fits snugly. It has doors on it, which I could store wine bottles (and THAT vodka of course!) that fitted fantastic. I had it painted a deep luscious red and placed a cute rosy pink tablecloth on the inside of the shelf where I put the quaint cocktail glasses I got from Korea. I always top it off with a tray of lemon and lime ice cubes on the surface shelf so the straight drinkers can enjoy a little bit of zing in their drink.

In short, it was really easy to modify the kitchen cart. You don’t even have to repaint it – just put a tablecloth and you’re fine. I did mine in red because it matches the asian-like interiors of the living room well. It can be different with the varied styles of microwave carts. You can find and compare a cart design you like from

When my guests arrive, I would simply direct them to the sofa and wheel in the cocktail bar (to great whoops and yells, those silly corks). It’s not just pretty to look at, it gives off a classy vibe too. Also, if we want to change to the kitchen or to the dining area, I can just wheel it right back in. It’s really awesome to have.

Another thing you can do if you have the time is to add a few more pizazz to the mini bar. Add designs on the wooden panel at the back of the microwave cart, for example. Mine have silly little doodles and other various art from my friends, including their signatures. It’s a beautiful mess too look at, and adds a little bit of grungy bohemian-ish to it, too.

So, next time you host a party, you may want to try and make your own mini bar out of a microwave cart to sass it up a couple of notches.

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March 1, 2013 by Admin

Finding Some Way To Show Off All Of My Shot Glasses

Sometimes my friends and I like to go out to have some fun. Okay we probably do this a few times a month, but don’t blame me for it, it is really fun! We like to hit the town and we end up stopping by a few bars with taxi service of course. The people there are great and the drinks are too! We love these places so much we have eventually started picking up shot glasses from these bars.

colored-shotsNow each of us didn’t really start picking these up at the same time. It was first me, then the others caught on, so the size of our collection varies from person to person. I’m pretty into it so I try to get one before we start having drinks, that way I never forget to buy a glass. I’ve been piling up these in boxes at home not really knowing what to do with them.

They do look great, as well as having those memories from each place we go too. I started to look around to find a display case to put all these shot glasses in and came across This place has lots of them and lots of reviews too so I don’t end up buying something that isn’t any good.

Most of these cases seem to be made of wood, which I’ll settle for since they do look pretty nice. I wanted something with more of a bright paint job, or something even lighter. People say these cases can be kinda heavy. I just need to get some decent hardware to put these up though. Since they’re kind of heavy I was thinking of going with a smaller one just so my mind is put at ease, like the smaller one here,

Even though it’s small it holds about 36 of my shot glasses. Granted, I have some taller ones too so it will probably be less than that, but for now that is a great start. I can’t imagine going over 36 anytime soon. I can’t wait to get this thing and set it up for my bedroom, it’s going to look great!

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March 18, 2011 by Admin

Choosing Shoes To Complement Your Style

Shopping can be a stress reliever according to some people. And the most amusing part of it is when you get to choose the best clothes and shoes that will complement your style and attitude. In this article, you will get to learn how to choose a shoe that will complement your style in any occasion.

When buying a shoe, there are numerous factors to consider, such as designs, length, shoes size, durability, price and the brand. Women always look after shoes that will make them appear glamorous and classy. One of the popular shoes that women love to collect is the high heel glitter shoes. This shoe type is not only worn best during wedding occasions but also during grand balls and cocktail parties. The Sheikh brand has this so called Women’s Babi glittering high heel shoes that would complement mini dresses in shades of gold, red, blue, green and yellow.

If you want to go for the latest trend, then pewter colored shoes will be the best for you. This type of shoe is more comfortable and easy to wear. Wearing it with confidence will definitely shift people’s attention towards you. A pewter wedding shoe just like the Colorful Creation Lava of Katy Bridal Shoes is advisable for the brides since this will give their feet the comfort of moving around, especially on the actual wedding day. This shoe type is designed for those who will need to do a lot of walking and standing. And because of its stylish and fashionable designs, women accentuate it with long dresses to look more elegant. You may accessorize it with jewelries that will give you a sparkling look from head to toe.

When you shop for shoes, make sure that the color will complement the clothes you wear. The metallic shoes are very popular nowadays. You can find variations of metallic colored shoes in fashion magazines. As a matter of fact, stylish women are in rage for silver wedding shoes. Not only will it make one look so classy, but also neat. It will evoke the elegance and style when paired with any type of wedding dress. If you are looking for a wedding shoe that will pretty match everything, then go for a Gina Strappy Sandals. Its crystal designs will complement dresses with shades of white, black, red and blue. You will look more gorgeous if this is worn with a long black silk or satin dress or any bridal dress and accessorized with diamond designed jewelries.

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January 17, 2011 by Admin

Women’s Night Out and Brown Dresses

I get together with a group of women in the neighborhood for a night of dancing or a movie once a month. The last time we went out together three of the women wore brown dresses. I really liked the brown dresses, which I found odd since I do not own a brown dress. One of the women’s dresses was strapless, light brown dress with a dark brown sash. Another friend wore a lovely light brown dress that had a matching tie to the side and dark brown ruffles that went around the neck and over the shoulders meeting in the front of the dress. Our other friend wore a satin brown dress with a satin short sleeve jacket. It had the greatest looking design that complimented her figure.

I guess they did not plan to wear brown dresses it just happened. I am glad our other two friends wore different colors because I would have felt a little out of place in my red dress. I did not realize they even made such wonderful styles of brown dresses. I guess the color brown never caught my eye, but now that I see the styles available, I will start looking for them.

One thing I noticed about the color brown is that all three women had different skin tones and yet the brown dresses seemed to look great on all three colors of skin tones. It made me realize that I would look good in a brown dress as well.

I talked to them while having a drink and asked where they purchased their brown dresses. All three women purchased them in different locations. Two of the stores were in the same shopping center so I figured I would shop for a brown dress there first and if I could not find one that looked good on me then I could go across town to check out the other store. Their brown dresses looked beautiful the whole evening through and it made me excited to go buy my own.

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